Viaje al Interior de una Galería


360 movie and installation

Project for the Tenerife Water Council to celebrate International Water Day 2018.


A year after working on 'BUCLE', my first big project that used 360 video as a tool, I had the chance to collaborate with Tenerife Water Council to create a larger more ambitious project under the media producer Hydrogram. The brief was to create a video experience to commemorate Water Day, following that year's theme, "Water for Nature". The island uses a unique system of wells and galleries to obtain fresh water, for which something along this structure was looked after.


The last trimester of 2017 was spent developing the idea and envisioning how to transmit it. We chose to use a GoPro 360 Fusion system, which shot in 8K and allowed for crisp 2D surrounding video in low light. Rafael Fenoll, an engineer that had worked on the island for a long time, was our guide. In the film, he comes with us and guides through the different parts of the water gallery.

The premiere

An event was organised in Teatro Leal (La Laguna), which invited guests to celebrate the importance of water mining in the island. In addition to being distributed online via the client's website, a 360 stand was prepared for Water Day, with 30 3D headsets playing a shortened version of the movie.


Entirely prepared and built by me, this stand was placed in the anteroom of the theatre and guests were invited to explore the underground water gallery using the devices. After this, visitors enjoyed a play on the topic of water production by Cirilo Leal.


Media coverage

Below are some examples of how the project was portrayed by media. A gallery with four translated articles can be accessed below this text, with a supercut of TV reports on this event further down.


Video credits

Presenter: Rafael Fenoll // Cameraman: Héctor Mangas // Camera assistant: Francisco Mangas // Writing, editing and directing: Héctor and Francisco Mangas // Graphics and branding: Héctor Mangas // Workers: Carlos Suárez and Miguel Ángel Rodríguez // Music: Letherette



Galería La Atalaya // Galería La Esperanza // Teatro Leal // Román Cadenas // Marta González // Lucía Arteaga // Radio Televisión Canaria // Juan José Izquierdo