Created for a close friend, Pequeña Guía del Español (Small Spanish Guide) is a light handbook with useful expressions and vocabulary to survive in a Spanish environment. My friend, with barely any knowledge of the language, had planned to come visit me. As a surprise, I prepared this web app for him to learn in advance and to use it in real-life scenarios.

The guide is built as a light web app that can be added to the home screen of any iOS device. I really focused on accessibility, making all text well contrasted and big enough, and indexing is clear and easy to follow, with all content divided in three big groups: Situaciones, Conceptos y Vocabulario, always accessible via the top bar.

Each of these three sections is divided in topics, with illustrations created ad-hoc. The Situations section, for example, contains a page with useful phrases at the pharmacy, in a restaurant or when talking about money. Concepts has information about special characters, how to stress words and use accents or how to conjugate verbs, and Vocabulary contains basic A1-level words and concepts.


To help those who may want to use the guide, most sections have a “Learn” button at the top, which opens a TinyCards deck with all content from the current section. Tiny Cards was a service that used repetition to memorise concepts, in the format of two-sided flashcards.


Pequeña Guía del Español is accessible to everyone on Check it out now with the button below!


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Acknowledgements: Lefteris Morits, Instituto Cervantes Mánchester

Pequeña Guía del Español

Web design · Manchester, 2019


Created a web handbook with useful Spanish expressions, to be used as a tool in trips and to learn Spanish.