Visual identity and branding

Work for Tenerife-based songwriter Alejandro Santana's 'Miradas', his first album.


At the end of March of 2020, while COVID-19 had Spain fully confined, Tenerife songwriter and singer Alejandro Santana found the inspiration to finish his debut album, 'Miradas'. We got in contact while the album was still a work in progress, and finished developing its visual identity while Alejandro was wrapping the mastering of the album.

After a conversation with a friend at the beginning of 2020, I came across the idea of individuals being multi-faced. We are very complex systems with different versions of ourselves, which sometimes even contradict each other. These versions, or visions, are constantly changing, and dissonances between them cause great distress. The idea of a multi-faced, polyhedral version of the ego really stuck with me and I started to envision these feelings as a cube floating in space. I talked about this with Alejandro  and he really related with the concept. We then developed the visual identity for 'Miradas' around the idea of cubes in a huge, empty and sometimes dark space.


Lead single

Each song was given a colour following its mood. 'Selfies en el Baño', a happy funky song, was chosen as the lead and only single, to be released on the 14th of May. The single and album were simultaneously announced by Alejandro with an Instagram black out and three videos teasing the album. On the 14th, along with the single, a lyric video produced by me was released.


Above is the final Miradas album cover. Below are the cover for 'Selfies en el Baño' and its lyric video.


For the promotion of the single and album, several assets were created, following a cohesive aesthetic. Below are two examples of these videos, which were created to be shared on Instagram as posts and stories. To the left, a teaser for the single split in two separate stories on. To the right, an advert for the 'Miradas' face filter, which I created. This filter was released after the album was published.

The physical album

The design of the physical album was another big part of the project. I created a CD slip and booklet, with a prologue, some exclusive illustrations and all lyrics from the album. The physical edition of the album was sold via Alejandro’s website.

Second single

Later during May, as restrictions were reduced we were able to record a music video for another song, 'En Cada Trago' (literally, “in every sip”). Starring Alejandro, the video overlays multiple versions of himself while performing the song. The shoot took one afternoon and only Alejandro and I were in the studio, as lockdown had just been lifted and measures were still strict.


Miradas Filter Advert: Inés Jerónimo, Lucía Cavanillas, Bea Reyes, David Ujja

Music: Alejandro Santana