In 2019, after a few gatherings with my friends in a flat in front of the Masonic Temple of Tenerife, I decided to start branding these events. Such building, the only masonic temple left in Spain, gave a strong enough atmosphere to the flat to name it this way. This was the birth of MASON, which has grown to be an event brand with five themed events to date.


In this page there’s material created prior to the events, in order to advertise and promote them, as well as content created to extend this branding to the gatherings themselves. This content is very varied, ranging from vertical videos and posters to video mappings and decorations.


The first of these events was hosted in April of 2019. Inspired by the Santa Cruz Masonic temple, promotional graphics for the first MASON event explored the idea of a distorted facade, inviting guests to an exclusive DJ set by Sleeping Pills. Using Bau Super for titles, which later turned into the events’ main font, and Space Mono for body text, all branding for MASON1 used red, beige and black tones.

Using a projector, the wall of the main room was turned into a 2,5 x 5 meter screen, on which a colour-changing grid was used to create visuals that reacted to the music produced by the DJ. Mixing electronic music, pop and indie, Sleeping Pills' set inspired visuals that also included 3D letterings and moving elements, which can be seen in the clips below.

MASON-A was hosted as a celebration of the summer, and such is reflected in the palette chosen for all promotion content. Animations and graphics prior to the event also took industrial inspiration, given the event included a techno DJ set.

The event was hosted in a different location. Behind the DJ table, instead of a flat surface there was a set of shelves that couldn't be removed. For this, a projector was used to build a special video mapping that created ambience and interacted with all objects. A clip of this can be seen below.


To learn more about mappings for MASON and other mapping projects I’ve worked on, visit my page on Mappings.

In December of 2019 and back by the temple, MASON2 was themed as retro. To promote the event,  digital posters were produced, as well as other graphic elements for web and mail use, with inspiration from album and VHS covers from the 70s and 80s.

Advertisements for mobile were also created to promote the event and remind guests to wear retro outfits, the dresscode of the party. Below is a compilation with some of these clips.

The venue was transformed into a house from the early 90s, with references from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Huge efforts were put into creating an environment that motivated guests to interact, with activities and props like a darts board, a Wii console and card games.

Elements such as old tube monitors, classic lights and old TV machines were used in different places across the house. Inspired by Andy Wharhol's Factory, one room was entirely covered in foil. Packaging for custom "MASON" tomato cans was created.

This time, no DJ was playing, which allowed for more space in the main room and more emphasis to visuals. In a similar fashion to MASON1, a grid was projected on the walls. MASON2 visuals were created in liason with Tenerife-based artist @30i21. Watch a sample of these here

Custom stickers were created and distributed as guests arrived. In addition, some were placed on VHS tapes and vinyls before being hid around the house.

During the event, a colour-changing projection was performed on the facade of the Masonic Temple.

MASON-O was organized on the internet. Because of the situation caused by COVID-19, it was decided to host an event via Zoom. Promotion for the event was minimal, as this event was performed as an experiment. A video invitation was sent with information to access the meeting.

Themed as a post-apocalyptic transmission, the event started with a 1,5h broadcast that guided guests with music, visuals and activities. The broadcast was watched by all with cameras on and microphones muted. Guests were prompted to text on the event's chat and interact using video.

Acknowledgements: Luis Hernández (Sleeping Pills Music), Jose de Armas, David Ujja Andrés



Branding · Tenerife, 2019-present


Identity and ongoing visual work for MASON, a series of events happening by the Masonic Temple of Tenerife and around the island.