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Percussionist Ian Piniés’ final year recital was approaching and he contacted me to work on a poster and a leaflet for the concert. The client wanted a simple design that embraced modernity, given that most of the pieces he'd perform were contemporary. The envisioned setup for the concert was minimalistic: A spotlight would follow the musician as he was moving through the different percussion settings.


After some conversations with Ian, we came up with the idea of a very bold and bright design using three contrasting colours. Enlarged and distorted types would be present at all times, usually reading Ian’s name. The font chosen for all text were different versions of FF Bau Super, a bold sans with clear yet very distinguishable strokes.

After much thought, we decided to create something that had never been done in any final year recital: To go without any printed leaflets. In order to reduce the environmental footprint of the concert, we decided to create an online programme with all information in it.


Guests were invited to scan a QR code at the entrance of the hall, printed on a few posters strategically placed. The full track list of the concert was also on print for those who couldn’t access with their phone. Below are the two posters that were created.

The programme, optimised for mobile use, extended the design language used in the entrance posters and introduced guests to the full list of tracks with an intuitive interface. Given the wide age range of the people who’d access the web programme, I focused on accessibility. One swipe would show the tracks in order and all text was big and contrasted. Below is a video of the web programme.

Open this page on mobile to access the online programme.

Acknowledgements: Ian Piniés Ramírez, Conservatorio Superior de Música de Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Recital Ian Piniés

Graphic design · Tenerife, 2019


Identity and online programme for Ian Pinies Ramirez' (percussionist) final year recital.