In October of 2015, Alberto Dieter contacted me because his new project, FACOCIP, needed a logotype. The logo and later development of FACOCIP’s branding became one of the first big projects I’ve worked in, starting at the age of only fifteen.


Standing for “city and port cohesion factory”, FACOCIP’s goal is to create a healthier relationship between the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and its port area. To achieve this, the group has organized several events and fairs and created resources and infrastructure to focus the city’s focus on to its port.

The inspiration behind FACOCIP’s logo is the ocean. The wave as a joining element. City and port, represented by pale blue and green tones, are blended in a gentle wave that connects both together. This identity has been widely used by FACOCIP since its founding, as a motiv in different situations and across several platforms. Below are some examples of this identity in fairs and events.

Acknowledgements: Alberto Dieter Graeff Paz, Sergio Miranda Negrín, Daniel Almenar Nazco

Factoría de Cohesión Ciudad Puerto

Branding · Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 2015


Logotype and identity for FACOCIP, a non-profit aimed at blending the boundary between the port and the city of Santa Cruz.