Identity and visual work for Tenerife-based indie pop-rock band Baldosa.


During the summer of 2021, Paula de Vega, a fond friend of mine, started a new musical project. Together with bassist Victor Garritano, Pedro Rodríguez on the guitar and Miguel Suárez on the drums, 'Baldosa' was formed. I've served as their graphic designer, covering all visual needs they encountered, which have ranged from concert visuals to digital single and EP covers.

Finding the band's visual identity

Prior to the band's public beginnings, Paula and I started to discuss the visual direction the band wanted to take. Baldosa means “tile” in Spanish, and their music, entirely in this language, has a poppy sound with rock tones. In their design, they wanted to convey freshness while keeping some level of nostalgia.

I was able to attend some of the first rehearsals the band had, mainly at Paula's place. I brought a notebook to one of these and started jotting down ideas while they were playing. These initial drawings can be seen below. To the right, different B’s, inspired by the negative spaces in tiles. Below, the process of the word mark we ended up using, which drew inspiration from art nuveau.

After deciding on the band's word mark, a tile was created to accompany their brand. The tile I designed was inspired by the tiles in the room the band started to rehearse, at Miguel's place.

The debut EP

For their first published record, Baldosa envisioned a four-song EP. I worked with them tracing a visual strategy for the following months, which consisted in a series of covers inspired by Spanish still life and with elements from the average household of the 60s and 70s, a tone that matched the retro inspiration of their word mark.

Lead single

For the debut single the band put out, we worked on a series of assets that would accompany the single's release as part of a video clip shot by Rut Angielina. Below are two of the visual elements I created for such video, which can be watched on YouTube.


Fun fair visuals

For their second song, 'Cama Doble', the band worked with Polaris Estudio. The video was shot in a fun fair, and I worked developing all visuals, which were inspired by glossy sticker sets. Below are some of the animations I created for both the video clip and other promotional assets. A physical version of these stickers was later created as part of Baldosa's merch, which can be seen at the end of this page.


Custom letters that speak Baldosa

With another video shot by Polaris Estudio and edited by me, the third single Baldosa put out was released together with a 1:1 lyric video. All letters from this video were custom made ex novo, created to match both the band's logo and this single's identity. You can see he video with the button below.


Baldosa in the physical world:

Merchandise and concert visuals

Apart from the songs the band has put out, I've worked together to bring their identity to the physical world. Two new merchandising items were designed, which came shaped like a T-shirt and tote bag. The new design was inspired by Baldosa's debut EP, featuring four tiles that represent each of the songs from the record.  These were released with some new stickers, inspired by the designs I made for Cama Doble, their second single.

Furthermore, I've worked to bring Baldosa's identity to their gigs, producing visuals. Some examples of this can be seen at the end of this page.