The redesign's aim was, in addition to create a more scalable identity, to allow Appademy to have a maturer image.

Previously, all identity was based on the word "Appademy" and colours surrounding it. With 2019's rebrand, the logo works stand alone as a signature for Appademy. It can be used as an isotype as well as as an imagotype.






The new logo was inspired by Appademy's aim to help students and teachers come together in different ways, using technology.

Taking a book and an abstract roof, the shape for Appademy's new logo came to be.


Adapted for different applications, the new logo was represented usually using light gray #E9E9E9 and black as the two main contrasting tones.

Light blue #3870D8 was used as an accent colour throughout the new identity.

A visual language inspired by paper and glass was also created, to be used in headers and other web elements.

Below are some renders from this concept, used on Appademy's website and online profiles, respectively.


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Education online project · Tenerife, 2011-2020


In 2019, a design overhaul of my educational project Appademy was made. The redesign included a new logo and colour identity,