Héctor Mangas Afonso



i am a seventeen year-old guy born in Tenerife, Spain, the fourteenth of October 1999. when i was just a kid, i used to draw on the walls of my house with my box of crayons.

right now i’m into coding, i like editing video and i do design. i have always liked drawing and playing the piano. something that has defined me are Lego bricks. i’ve built hundreds of things with them.

at the age of nine, i began printing my own school newspaper. all by myself, i printed eopeny Monday a document made with Microsoft Word and handed it out to my classmates.

a couple years later, i developed my own website, Hproductions, which is still online. i created it to share my videos and pics with my family and friends. this web is entirely in Spanish.

in 2012 i began designing Android apps. later on, Appademy was created. this is my current project.





my username is ‘hectormangas’ pretty much everywhere

  1. YouTube channel

  2. some personal and school related vids. open

    1. sessions with Lucía Sweeran

    2. a series of music sessions and ads featuring Lucía Sweeran. this project was started by me in 2014. open

    3. mashups

    4. on the last day of the 2015 summer I posted a mashup of Treasure and Cool for the Summer to YouTube. the post earned 5000 views in a couple of days and this encouraged me to keep posting mashups. my most popular one has almost half a million views. open

  3. Hproductions

  4. my very first webpage, started when I was 11. it is entirely in Spanish. open

  5. Appademy

  6. Appademy is made out of Android apps and services. most of it is in Spanish only. open

    1. OpenTest

    2. OpenTest is a service that lets anyone create and share quizzes. open

    3. Asistente Personal Cal

    4. Cal is a conversation Android app that is constantly learning how humans chat. with over 30,000 downloads, it’s my most downloaded app. open

    5. LyricKey

    6. LyricKey is formed by an app, a website, a series of promotional videos and a promotional campaign, all of which is in four languages. open

    7. other apps

    8. at the moment, Appademy has eight different apps available on Google Play. they are all made by me. open

    1. Appademy on YouTube

    2. to showcase how the products work, I’ve created several videos and adverts. they’re all available on the Appademy YouTube channel. open

    3. Appademy’s social management

    4. Appademy itself and its most important apps are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. all accounts are currently managed by me. open

  7. Here I go, Ireland

  8. I had the chance to stay in Ireland during the last quarter of 2014. this blog reflects my experience there. open

  1. Emperrado (Dog Fixation)

  2. when I was 7, I got to be the main character in a local short film. It’s called Emperrado, Dog Fixation in English, and it’s directed by the cineast from Tenerife Patrick Bencomo. open

  1. design

  2. I’ve used to draw for as long as I can remember. during childhood I doodled on thousands of sheets, which are still around my house. some projects flourished out of all that cut wood:

    1. Tenerife geofilters

    2. in April 2015 I wondered who made the filters that appeared everywhere around the world on Snapchat and wether or not I could post my own designs. I sent them a test one for La Laguna and they activated it. since then, I’ve created over ten geofilters for my island. open

    3. FACOCIP design

    4. in 2015 I worked with my friend and old high school classmate Alberto Dieter to create a brand image for his new project: FACOCIP, which aims to connect the port and city area of Santa Cruz of Tenerife. open

    5. art projects on tumblr

    6. I’ve posted several drawings and digital doodles to my tumblr. open

  3. photography

  4. I posted some cool pics I’ve taken to my vsco account. open

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handmade by me in 2016